Life in the OR Restoring Marjorie's Heart

Life in the OR Restoring Marjorie's Heart

CHI Memorial takes you into the Operating Room to witness an open heart procedure on a 72-year-old patient.
Life in the OR shows the replacement of an aortic valve with a bovine pericardial valve by Richard C. Morrison, M.D., Cardiothoracic Surgeon. The entire procedure lasted approximately four hours, but in the interest of time, we have condensed the critical elements of the operation into a 30 minute timeframe.
During this video, you will get a glimpse into the daily routine of those who call the operating room home and a bird’s eye view of actual procedures that bring new life to patients. It is remarkable to see a human heart suspended while being repaired, then witness as it jumps to life and begins beating normally again.
The operation is graphic, but by creating awareness of the causes, symptoms and treatment of heart disease, we hope viewers and their families will take the first step toward lifestyle changes and prevention.

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