Lung Cancer Screening

Lung Cancer Screening

Early Detection Saves Lives

When it comes to cancer or other lung diseases, early detection often leads to the most effective treatment. Buz Standefer Lung Center uses a variety of screenings and interventional procedures to diagnose and treat lung disease and lung cancer.

Low-dose computed tomography (CT). Lung cancer screening is a test to look for signs of lung cancer in otherwise healthy people. It’s been shown to identify cancer in earlier and more treatable stages.

Those who are highest risk for lung cancer and are ideal candidates for screening include:

  • current or former smokers 
  • people ages 55-77 who have smoked for 30 years (one pack per day or more) 
  • people who quit smoking within the last 15 years (one pack per day or more)

When lung cancer is detected at a very early stage, it may be more likely to be cured. Low-dose CT lung cancer scan has shown to improve survival by 20 percent according to The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Insurance may cover CT lung cancer screenings. Call 423-495-LUNG (5864) for more information.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scans. PET scanning is a form of nuclear medicine imaging that allows identification of areas in the body that are highly metabolic or active. Many cancers have a high metabolism which makes this procedure very useful in detecting cancer throughout the body. These images are often viewed in tandem with CT.

The most common PET scan begins with the injection of a glucose-based radiopharmaceutical (FDG-18), which eventually collects in the highly metabolic areas of the body. The patient lies flat on a bed that passes slowly by stages through the scanner. Signals from the areas that collected the special glucose (FDG-18) are digitally processed to create medical images that can be interpreted by the physicians. Many cancerous areas emit a strong signal, since more of the radiopharmaceutical (FDG) will be absorbed in those areas.

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