Registered nurses (RNs) with medical-surgical/telemetry, orthopedic, oncology and intensive care unit (ICU) experience are now eligible for sign-on bonuses. Med-Surg/Tele., orthopedic and oncology RNs who have one or more years of experience and work full time may earn a $4,000* (day shift) or $8,000* (night shift) bonus. RNs who have three or more years of ICU experience and work full time may earn a $5,000* (day shift) or $10,000* (night shift) bonus. For more information, email BestRNs@memorial.org or call (423) 495-8978.

*Bonus to be distributed in three payments.

CHI Memorial nurses provide compassionate care in a healing environment. Whatever your nursing talents and interests, we have a place for you.

Educational Opportunities
CHI Memorial encourages associates to strive for self-improvement through training and education, and assists both full and part-time associates with tuition reimbursement. CHI Memorial also provides an educational allowance each year for both part-time and full-time RNs and LPNs.

Nursing Students
If you're a nursing student in an RN program, CHI Memorial offers you the opportunity to gain experience and use educational tools to get your nursing career on the right track. Nursing students may qualify for specific jobs at CHI Memorial while progressing through school, including Nurse Tech 1, Nurse Tech 2 and Nurse Intern.

RN Residency Program
CHI Memorial’s RN Residency Program provides recent nursing graduates with a complete orientation and acclimation to the hospital setting and their respective departments before they begin caring for patients. The program offers a higher-level look at the hospital system and helps nurses become more confident in their skills. Nurses spend six weeks with the education department to onboard them, provide access to key systems, complete orientation checklists, participate in simulations and complete rotations through the units within their track. The purpose is for novice nurses to solidify their critical thinking skills and be ready when they are matched with the right unit. New nurses begin their training in February, July or September and are placed into one the tracks – medical/surgical & cardiac/telemetry and Sub-Acute Track (MICU, Cardiac Step down Unit, PACU, and possibly other units as needed). Future plans include adding a track that focuses on surgery. As part of the hiring process, teams from each of the three tracks conduct group interviews to determine who would be the best fit for their departments. After the initial rotations that demonstrate how the units work, the novice nurse is matched or selected to complete their unit-specific orientation. In terms of nursing care, the RN residency program is improving the quality of care for patients while also increasing physician confidence in new graduates.

Nursing Values
For many CHI Memorial nurses, nursing is their ministry. They accept the challenge of doing all they can to meet the needs of the patient and know at the end of each day that they are making a difference in people's lives.

At CHI Memorial, our philosophy of nursing care begins with our commitment to upholding CHI Memorial's mission and core values:

  • Reverence: Each of our patients, regardless of circumstances, possess intrinsic value from God and should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Integrity: The nursing process is an integral part our of practice as professional nurses.
  • Compassion: Each encounter with patients and families should portray compassion and concern.
  • Excellence: Monitoring and evaluating nursing practice is our responsibility and is necessary to continuously improve care.

To learn more about nursing at CHI Memorial review the 2014 Nursing Annual Report, search for nursing positions at CHI Memorial, or call the CHI Memorial Recruitment Office at (423) 495-2769.

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