CHI Memorial PointsMap Navigation App

CHI Memorial PointsMap Navigation App

CHI Memorial has partnered with PointsMap to provide a free interactive application that helps our patients and visitors navigate the CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga campus. With point-to-point internal wayfinding and an option for verbal directions, users can easily located the quickest route to their destination.

The free tool may be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Play. Search for – CHI Memorial. QR Codes have been posted throughout the hospital and can be scanned to provide a starting point for the navigation system. Once the user enters a destination the app will provide a guide. Verbal directions are available by touching the speaker in the upper right corner of the map.

Search for CHI MEMORIAL to download the App to your phone.


PointsMap Desktop Version

You can use the desktop version of PointsMap to learn more about the CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga campus including the closest parking area to your destination. Visit https://pointsmap.com/chimemorial/ to learn more. 

PointsMap App Simulator

You can use the PointsMap App Simulator to try internal wayfinding online before using it on your phone. Normally, a user would SCAN a QR Code sign to show them exactly where they are in the building and to begin wayfinding. Because we are using the Simulator, we will manually pick a point from the map to begin wayfinding.

Follow these steps using the simulator:

1) Click on INSIDE MAPS
2) Tap the Map Icon for the Second floor
3) Zoom into the map and click on the KEY ICON for the Emergency Services Entrance
5) Click "Filter by Category" and select SERVICES
6) Pick a destination from the list
7) Click the Green NEXT button to step though the Turn by Turn Directions

You can zoom in and out of the map to see the segments highlighted one step at a time as you click through the directions. You can also click on any of the ICONS for points you are passing to see the name of that point.

Click the X next to the STOP button to exit wayfinding.

The Category Slider Selector will appear at the bottom of the screen and you can click on a category and see the icons just for that category appear on the map.

You can begin wayfinding from ANY POINT on ANY FLOOR and navigate to ANY OTHER POINT on ANY FLOOR inside the facility.

Visit your App Store and search for CHI MEMORIAL to download the App to your phone.

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