Advanced cancer care to heal the whole person

Rees Skillern cancer institute

The Rees Skillern Cancer Institute at CHI Memorial is the leading provider of cancer services in the Chattanooga area. We offer personalized treatment in a healing atmosphere that gets you back to the life you love. Our comprehensive program includes eight centers each dedicated to a specific type of cancer and supported by interdisciplinary tumor boards, clinical trials and advanced technologies, such as the da Vinci® Surgical System for robotic-assisted minimally invasive treatment of prostate, gynecologic, head and neck, colorectal, lung and other cancers.

Team approach

At CHI Memorial's Rees Skillern Cancer Institute, you have a team of medical experts with specialized skills, expertise and experience working together to provide the care you need. In addition to your physicians, your care team may include nurses, technologists, educators, dietitians, therapists, social workers and others. From the chaplain who offers comfort and prayer to the physicist who pinpoints the exact dimensions of your tumor, we are all on your side.

  •  Cancer represents a set of complex and varied disease. The close collaboration of a team of cancer specialists at the Rees Skillern Cancer Institute gives you the benefit of a thorough evaluation and a unified plan of care based on our team’s combined experience, and clinical and research expertise.
  • Your individual diagnosis may require surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination. Your total treatment plan may include nutrition therapy, plastic surgery or physical pulmonary rehabilitation. You may want help finding financial assistance or a support group that understands what you’re going through. CHI Memorial’s holistic approach covers every need.
  •  Regularly scheduled tumor conferences bring together the expertise of pathologists, oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, urologists, family practice specialists and other medical professionals to discuss all aspects of CHI Memorial’s cancer cases.
  •  In each case, a patient’s medical history, current condition and treatment goals are thoroughly reviewed to determine the optimal treatment for your unique needs. It is teamwork at its best.

Advanced radiation oncology

At CHI Memorial,  our radiation center of excellence has the most advanced cancer treatment machines in the industry. We have the True Beam STX , Novalis TX , and the Siemen’s primus linear accelerators. These machines use radiation to treat the patient’s tumor.  For women with a diagnosis of certain types of breast or gynecological cancer, high dose radiation brachytherapy delivers precise and highly concentrated doses of radiation directly to the tumor. This treatment reduces radiation exposure and side effects. High dose radiation brachytherapy is delivered in minutes a day and typically is complete in just five days.

The Joe and Virginia Schmissrauter Center for Cancer Support

CHI Memorial's Center for Cancer Support offers a variety of support services, educational classes and support groups for patients and families. The multidisciplinary staff includes oncology nurse navigators, clinical social workers and dietitians and a chaplain.

Annual statistical reporting

CHI Memorial strongly believes in sharing the latest treatment, patient demographic and outcome data with the communities we serve. Below you’ll find a link to our Cancer Institute’s Annual Report. We provide this data to remain transparent about our services and provide the highest quality of care to you.

View our 2018 Cancer Program Annual Report


CHI Memorial is honored to be recognized by U.S. News as 'high performing' in lung and colorectal cancer surgery.

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The Joe and Virginia Schmissratuer Center for Cancer Support offers a full range of holistic care for the mind, body and spirit.