Diabetes and Nutrition

Diabetes and Nutrition

Our comprehensive team of diabetes and nutrition specialists provides counseling and education for a variety of conditions, including type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, hypertension and other conditions. We work in partnership with you and your referring physician to develop a personalized treatment plan.

The Diabetes and Nutrition Center is located at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga.

Diabetes Management
Diabetes is a serious, chronic condition. By keeping blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible, you can prevent complications like blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure or nerve damage. Counseling and self-management classes provide instruction on glucose monitoring, using insulin and insulin pumps, carbohydrate counting and overall nutritional counseling for weight control, heart disease and other medical conditions.

For more information on diabetes and nutritional programs at CHI Memorial, call (423) 495-7970.

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