Board of Directors

CHI Memorial Board of Directors 2018-2019

James H. Pesnell, Chair

Jill M. Aplin, Vice Chair

Corinne A. Allen, Secretary

John F. Boxell, MD

Christopher P. Crimmins

Davey B. Daniel, MD

Arlene J. Donowitz, MD

Marilyn Helms, DBA

James L.E. Hill

Sr. Dorothy Jackson, SCN

Matthew H. Kodsi, MD, Ph.D., President, Medical Staff, CHI Memorial

MaryStewart Lewis

John P. Nash, MD

Cynthia Nesson

Janelle Reilly, Market President and COO

Larry P. Schumacher, Market CEO and Sr. Vice President, Operations, SE Division

Mary P. Tanner, Ph.D.

William P. Warren, MD

Aaron D. Webb, Esq.

Jeffrey T. Wilson

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