Doctor Talk

  • Esophageal cancer: difficulty swallowing may signal something serious

    JAN 30, 2019

    Nearly all the esophageal cancers are adenocarcinomas – located at the bottom of the esophagus and directly related to acid reflux and the rise of obesity.

  • What is a collapsed lung and who is at risk?

    DEC 07, 2018

    For many people, the thought of lung surgery brings up fears and thoughts of worry about a collapsed lung. People often have misconceptions about a collapsed lung because they oversimplify this complex organ.

  • Lung Cancer Stages: A Simple Explanation

    NOV 07, 2018

    If you’ve been recently diagnosed with lung cancer or know someone who has, the topic of staging has likely come up in the conversation. Correct staging is important and different for each type of cancer. What methods we use to treat lung cancer depends on where the cancer began and where it’s moved inside the body.

  • High blood pressure

    OCT 15, 2018

    Answers to your most common questions about high blood pressure.

  • Marathon Training Entry 5

    SEP 27, 2018

    The Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2018 is fast approaching. Here are a few important elements you will want to make sure are a part of your final few weeks. After all, having a great race day requires a great plan!

  • Marathon Training Entry 4

    SEP 10, 2018

    When training for a marathon keep a positive outlook. Some injuries can take you away from training for weeks or months, but most don’t take quite that long.