Doctor Talk

  • Safe and effective weight loss is possible

    JAN 08, 2020

    If you’re struggling with excess weight and the feelings of isolation and frustration that come from being unable to do everyday activities with ease – you’re not alone.

  • Suggestions for seasonal depression

    DEC 12, 2019

    Seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter depression, is a depression recurring each year at the same time.

  • Why are you settling for chronic joint pain?

    NOV 18, 2019

    Arthritis can cause swelling, stiffness, fatigue and pain. If you’re experiencing these symptoms of arthritis, you’re not alone. One in five adults in the US has been diagnosed with arthritis by their doctor. But more than discomfort and pain, it can limit your activity and keep you from doing what you love.

  • Vital Vaccines

    NOV 06, 2019

    When you hear the word vaccine, it’s easy to think of children first. Vaccines are a way to build up your body’s natural immunity – and to protect against serious illnesses and complications from diseases. But vaccines aren’t just for children. Adults also gain vital protection for their health when they follow the recommendations for vaccinations.

  • Advanced Surgical Options with Robotic Technology

    OCT 16, 2019

    The science of surgery is always changing. More than ever before, you have options for minimally invasive surgical procedures – including robotic surgery for gallbladder, hernia repair and colon resection.

  • A healthy life starts with preventive care

    OCT 09, 2019

    In this on-demand world, it’s sometimes easier to skip your scheduled checkups and only call your doctor or head to an urgent care center when you’re sick. But this can have long-lasting consequences on your overall health.