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Doctor Talk

  • Fight Heel Pain with These Quick Fixes JUL 09, 2020

    If you’re suffering with chronic pain in your heel or foot, you’re not alone. An estimated one million people visit their doctor each year due to plantar fasciitis, a chronic degeneration or breaking down of the dense connective tissue that runs from your heel to the base of the toes.

  • What is Lifestyle Medicine? JUN 05, 2020

    According to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based approach (a fancy way of saying it’s based on scientific research and data) to preventing, treating and even reversing diseases by replacing unhealthy behaviors with positive ones.

  • Exercise and Activity for a Healthy Life MAY 27, 2020

    When we think about exercise, it’s easy to overlook the cumulative benefits of activity, or not being sedentary (what I call wasting calories). Researchers have studied individuals who start an exercise program, and an unexpected thing happens. Individuals who start exercising regularly often do a little less during the rest of the day

  • Creating a Personalized Eating Plan MAY 21, 2020

    When it comes to eating healthy, the first and most important thing to say is that there is no perfect or correct diet.

  • Behavior Change for Good Health MAY 14, 2020

    Behavior change is the concept that lies at the foundation of almost everything related to our health.

  • Sleep Apnea FEB 07, 2020

    Sleep is a vital part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. As you sleep, waste is cleared from your brain cells and your body is reenergized.


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