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Emily Evitt, M.D., gynecologist, CHI Memorial Women’s Health Associates

Abnormal vaginal or menstrual bleeding can occur at any age and is difficult to define because every woman is different. Whether it’s a serious problem or something easy to treat, talking to your gynecologist right away can head off potentially dangerous complications.

When we think about irregular bleeding, there could be many causes – cancer, hormonal changes, or it could be something benign but that still requires surgical treatment. First, we rule out ovarian and other cancers, but then look to a range of issues including hormonal changes, fibroids, endometriosis, bleeding disorders or infections to determine the cause.

Emily Evitt, MD, recommends seeing a doctor if your menstrual bleeding has significantly changed in the last three months including no bleeding, bleeding between periods, too much bleeding, or pain between or during your cycle. Post-menopausal bleeding is never normal and should be evaluated immediately.

Women are pretty good at dealing with pain and discomfort for long periods of time, especially when they’re busy taking care of others. That’s why it’s important to listen to the changes in your own body and seek appropriate medical care.

Dr. Evitt welcomes new patients at CHI Memorial Women’s Health Associates, located at 6401 Mountain View Road, Suite 101, Ooltewah, TN 37363. For more information, call (423) 495-5890.

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