Kellie Shelton and CJ Jenkins Receive Daisy Award For Extraordinary Nurses

(L-R)  Kellie Shelton, RN, CJ Jenkins, RN

(L-R) Kellie Shelton, RN, CJ Jenkins, RN

Kellie Shelton, RN, and CJ Jenkins, RN, recently received the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

In the small excerpts below from each nomination letter, patients’ families and coworkers share how these nurses are living out our mission by giving compassionate care to our patients and being excellent examples of humankindness!

Kellie Shelton received five nominations from patients. "Kellie was the first person that has made me feel loved and cared for in my entire life.  She always eased my anxiety and treated me like I was a king."  "I don't have much family, but Kellie became my family and I will never forget her."  "I will never forget her kindness and compassion.  She not only made sure I had everything I needed; she even took care of my friend.  Thanks for being the best nurse."  "She is a great asset to this hospital and truly has a gift for nursing.  She never gave up on me and really, I felt so much better by the end of the day because of her." 

Shelton is a nurse on Unit 2 at CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson.  She has worked for CHI Memorial since July 2020.

A coworker nominated CJ Jenkins for going beyond caring for a patient’s medical needs. “This nurse has the biggest heart… [She] talked to the patient and learned his story.  What started out as an uncertain future for the gentleman, has turned into a life changing opportunity to get back on his feet.  It started with a simple conversation, kindness to listen to someone's troubles, and a big heart to make a difference.  This nurse is an example of a caring, compassionate spirit, to take the time to slow down, listen, and do what you are able to do.”

Jenkins is a nurse on Unit 3 at CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson.  She has worked for CHI Memorial since February 2021.

CHI Memorial is pleased to partner with the DAISY Foundation to recognize the extraordinary difference nurses make in the lives of patients and co-workers. Nurses are chosen each month to receive this wonderful award that honors compassionate care.  

Each honoree received a bouquet of daisies, a certificate, a beautiful and meaningful sculpture called A Healer’s Touch - hand-carved by artists of the Shona Tribe in Africa - and a copy of her/his nomination letter. The honoree's nursing unit also received a cinnamon doughnut party, because it takes a team for a nurse to achieve his/her best. Tasty Doughnuts generously donates the treats for this worthy cause.

To learn more about the DAISY Foundation, visit