Taylor Temple Receives DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses


Taylor Temple, RN, recently received the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

A physician nominated Taylor for taking an extra step while providing compassionate care.  “[The patient] began to develop [hives] and severe itching that was causing a lot of distress.  Most others at that point would ask for a Benadryl order and leave it at that.  For this dying patient, Taylor understood that medicine had nothing more to offer and  sought to do what she could to make the final moments less distressing.  She filled up several ice packs, placed them on the patient’s chest that was scratched raw, and then sat with the patient and scratched the patient’s back.  Immediately the patient became much less agitated and more at peace.  I think Taylor is an excellent, compassionate nurse and deserves to be acknowledged for it with a Daisy Award.” 

Temple works in the CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga emergency room and has worked at CHI Memorial since February 2022.

CHI Memorial is pleased to partner with the DAISY Foundation to recognize the extraordinary difference nurses make in the lives of patients and co-workers. Nurses are chosen each month to receive this wonderful award that honors compassionate care.  

Honorees receive a bouquet of daisies, a certificate, a copy of her/his nomination letter, and a beautiful and meaningful sculpture called A Healer’s Touch - hand-carved by artists of the Shona Tribe in Africa.  The honoree's nursing unit also receives a cinnamon doughnut party, because it takes a team for a nurse to achieve his/her best.  Tasty Doughnuts generously donates the treats for this worthy cause.

To learn more about the DAISY Foundation, visit DAISYfoundation.org.