Arts for Health Series

Art by Mary Barnett

Art by Mary Barnett in a Zine sharing the work of local artists who participated in Love Notes to Front Liners: A community art project sponsored by Mark Making in support of Covid-19 front-line healthcare staff in Chattanooga

Due to continued community spread across the Chattanooga area of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the CHI Memorial Foundation has made the difficult decision to postpone our upcoming 20th Annual Cam Busch Arts for Health Series until spring 2021. The foundation, in conversation with hospital leadership, the full board, and staff believe that acting responsibly to postpone this event is in the best interest of our community.   

Since we were unable to celebrate in person, we would like to take the opportunity to work with local media companies: Make Beautiful and Carl Cadwell/Skypunch Studios, to tell Chattanooga’s story of arts for health. We hope to feature the work of our local art community in an inspiring visual story that we can share far and wide. The film will honor poets, musicians, visual artists, dancers and creative arts therapists in Chattanooga, who have used their creative gifts to lighten the load and help us build strength and resilience. Many of these artists and organizations participate in the legacy that Cam Busch has given our community through her two decades of Arts for Health speakers and presenters. 

If you would like to nominate an artist or arts organization whose work has helped you to be resilient this year, please email with your story.

If you would like to make a donation to support the Arts for Health program at CHI Memorial, click here.