Holistic healing programs

Arts in healthcare

Established in 1996, the Arts in Healthcare Program at CHI Memorial is powered by our mission to provide a healing environment and ministry. CHI Memorial is one of 2,500 hospitals nationwide who offer arts programming to supplement healing environments, enhance mental and emotional recovery and create soothing ambiance for patients, visitors, families, staff, volunteers and the medical community.

The program is led by the Arts in Healthcare Advisory Council, which consists of 20 members who volunteer their time, talent and financial support for the continued development and sustainability of the Arts in Healthcare program at CHI Memorial. The Arts in Healthcare Program also has an Ambassadors group assisting with its public awareness.

Currently, CHI Memorial’s permanent collection includes more than 250 pieces that reflect CHI Memorial’s values of Compassion, Inclusion, Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration. Artwork allows patients the opportunity to reflect on the artist’s expression rather than the health issues they are facing.

Creative art therapy and art experiences

The use of art in the healing process is encouraged across the continuum of care at CHI Memorial. Creative arts programs can provide meaningful therapeutic opportunities for people of all ages in a variety of treatment settings.

Arts education and community outreach

CHI Memorial partners with many local arts organizations to encourage the use of arts in the healing process inside and outside our walls. Partnerships with organizations such as Chattanooga Ballet and the Chattanooga Symphony are just few examples.

CHI Memorial Foundation and AIM Center have partnered to create a permanent gallery space on the 4th Floor/ MICU waiting area at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga.

Jay Craven Music @ Memorial

Named for long-time CHI Memorial Volunteer and well-know clarinetist, the Jay Craven Music @ Memorial Program is an important element in the creation of an environment conducive to healing. Music can relax the body, mind, and spirit allowing more effective responses to treatment for many patients, including the critically and chronically ill. Jay Craven Music @ Memorial is a service offered by a variety of volunteer musicians who play at the bedside and in the common areas of the hospitals.

Healing Gardens

Nature heals the heart and soul, and well-designed healing gardens offer a connection to nature, a place of retreat that can nurture the soul. Healing gardens for relaxation and reflection at both hospitals are easily accessible for patients, families, visitors and staff.

CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga

The Courtyard, located on the first floor, was the first garden at CHI Memorial. It was inspired by a patient in the early 1970s. Looking out her window, Sue Cooper saw a bare patch of ground scarred by recent construction. A member of a garden club and acquainted with other women's groups, Sue spearheaded an effort to transform this area into a place of beauty. Rooftop gardens are located outside St. Anne's Chapel in the Guerry Heart and Vascular Center and on the fourth floor near MICU. Small gardens of remembrance are located near the Emergency Room and the Cancer Institute.

CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson

A statue of Saint Francis of Assisi is the focal point of the healing garden near the Visitor Entrance and the Chapel.