Navigating the CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga Campus

CHI Memorial PointsMap navigation app

CHI Memorial has partnered with PointsMap to provide a free interactive application that helps our patients and visitors navigate the CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga campus. With point-to-point internal wayfinding and an option for verbal directions, users can easily located the quickest route to their destination.

The free tool may be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Play. Search for “CHI Memorial.” QR Codes have been posted throughout the hospital and can be scanned to provide a starting point for the navigation system. Once the user enters a destination the app will provide a guide. Verbal directions are available by touching the speaker in the upper right corner of the map.

Visit Apple or Google Play app store and search for “CHI Memorial” to download the app to your phone.

MyChart is a patient portal, a web tool to help you manage your healthcare easily and securely.

CHI Memorial's free app provides point-to-point wayfinding and an option for verbal directions for navigating CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga.

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