Spiritual programs

Chaplain services

A person's faith and hope are intrinsic medicine that can have a tremendous influence on how one deals with sickness. One of CHI Memorial’s chaplains summarizes why CHI Memorial uses a holistic approach to health care - attending to the mind, body and spirit:

When illness or injury strikes,

it affects all of who we are - our bodies, but also our minds, our emotions, our relationships, our spirituality. Chaplains have the privilege of listening to the hurting and helping to heal the whole person. By seeking to understand another's journey, chaplains help people stay in touch with faith.

- CHI Memorial Chaplain

Caring for spiritual needs is as important in the CHI Memorial as caring for illness and injury. CHI Memorial's chaplains visit patients and family by request or referral. Requests are taken from either patients or family, and referrals are often made by patients' physicians, nurses or case managers.

The chaplains have degrees in theology and are educated and certified in clinical pastoral education. Their first priority is to provide comfort and spiritual and emotional support to patients during times of illness or a health crisis. They assist both patients and family members in coping with grief and loss.

Chaplains are involved in the community by facilitating support groups and offering education on spirituality and Advance Directives. CHI Memorial's chaplains are an essential part of the health care environment that encourages physical, mental and spiritual health. Available 24 hours a day to listen, talk and help in any way possible, our chaplains also network with area clergy to help facilitate visits with members of their congregations.


The chapels at Chattanooga and Hixson hospitals are available for quiet meditation and prayer. St. Anne's Chapel is located on the second floor of the Guerry Heart & Vascular Center at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga and is open 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Mass is celebrated every Tuesday at 12 p.m. at St. Anne’s Chapel. Christ the Healer Chapel is located near the entrance of CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson and is open 24 hours a day.