Customized, comprehensive, and compassionate rehabilitation

Center for rehabilitation

Physical therapy is designed to relieve pain, improve movement and function, and limit disabilities caused by injury or disease. CHI Memorial Center for Rehabilitation therapists specialize in the latest rehabilitative techniques and give patients individualized attention and tailored home exercise programs.

Personalized therapy

  • Aquatic Therapy is ideal for patients in extreme pain or with weight-bearing limitations and is used as a transition to land therapy.
  • Total Joint Recovery treats injuries from sprains to joint pain to total joint replacement surgeries. Therapists create individualized programs to restore function and mobility.
  • Balance Therapy helps patients experiencing dizziness, loss of balance, risk for falls, or recovering from injury to regain a normal response to balance issues.
  • Back and Neck Therapy provides individualized programs to reduce pain and increase functional ability in patients with muscle strains, herniated disks, or degenerative changes.
  • Speech Therapy treats speech, language, voice, cognition, and swallowing difficulties in a wide range of patients to improve communication and ease daily activities.
  • Occupational Therapy treats patients with functional deficits in activities of daily living due to upper extremity soft tissue injury, trauma, neurological insult, degenerative disease, or deconditioning following illness or surgery.
  • Pelvic Health Physical Therapy specialists provide services for male and female patients related to incontinence, pelvic pain issues, osteoporosis/osteopenia, peri-and postpartum care, and rehabilitation services for patients pre-and postoperative gynecologic, urologic, or abdominal surgery.

Rehab center locations

Outpatient physical therapy is offered at two convenient locations: Center for Rehabilitation at the Hamilton Family YMCA and CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson, with additional locations for aquatic therapy. Outpatient speech therapy and outpatient occupational therapy are available at CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson. Pelvic health physical therapy is available at the Center for Health in the Hamilton Family YMCA, CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson, and CHI Memorial Ooltewah Women’s Center.

For more information call (423) 495-7466. We will gladly assist you with physician referrals.

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