CHI Memorial Pediatric Diagnostic Associates has two locations in Chattanooga and an office in Ringgold.

Pediatric medicine, also known as pediatrics, focuses on the healthcare of infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatricians specialize in the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children from birth through adolescence. 

  • Well-child care. Pediatricians provide routine health check-ups and preventive care for children. This includes monitoring growth and development, administering vaccinations according to recommended schedules, and providing guidance on nutrition, safety, and age-appropriate milestones.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Pediatricians diagnose and treat a wide range of pediatric illnesses and conditions. They are trained to identify and manage common childhood ailments such as respiratory infections, ear infections, gastrointestinal issues, skin conditions, and more. They also collaborate with other specialists when necessary for complex or chronic conditions.
  • Developmental and behavioral assessment. Pediatricians assess the developmental progress and behavior of children. They monitor milestones such as language development, motor skills, and social interactions. If any delays or concerns are identified, they may refer children to appropriate specialists for further evaluation and intervention.
  • Management of chronic conditions. Pediatricians play a crucial role in managing chronic conditions that affect children, such as asthma, diabetes, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. They work with patients and their families to develop comprehensive treatment plans, educate them about the condition, and ensure proper monitoring and follow-up care.

Pediatricians are trained to communicate effectively with children and their families, creating a child-friendly and supportive environment. They understand the unique healthcare needs of children at different stages of development and provide personalized care to promote optimal physical and emotional well-being. 

CHI Memorial Pediatric Diagnostic Associates

CHI Memorial Pediatric Diagnostic Associates has ten pediatricians serving patients in three convenient locations, and they treat infants and young adults up to 21 years of age.