Weight Loss Success

CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care has helped hundreds of patients lose weight. We are honored that our patients are willing to share their success stories. 

Hear from Sydney Slaven about how her personal and professional lives have been completely changed as a result of going through CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care's program.

Jay Garcia, CHI Memorial Bariatric and Metabolic Care's patient, shares how his life was changed as a result of bariatric surgery.

April Hixon, CHI Memorial's Bariatric and Metabolic Care patient, shares how her life was changed as a result of bariatric surgery.

Matt Daniel's before and after photo

A life changing procedure

Matthew Daniels had been a “big guy” for all his life. He was active, played sports in school, and was never really slowed down by his weight. That started to change five years ago as his weight continued to creep up year after year, until he recognized a noticeable change in his ability to do things he wanted to do. 

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Lauren and Buz

Lauren & Buz

Occasionally our patients make the decision to have bariatric surgery as a couple. This was the case for Buz and Lauren. They came to Dr. Ponce in 2001.  Each had bariatric surgery, and here they are after losing a total of 320 pounds!  Congratulations to a beautiful couple, on their success and determination together.


Meet Mallory

Mallory was the winner of our “Free Gastric Band” contest in 2011. This is Mallory and Dr. Ponce on the day she won the contest.  Mallory lost 83 pounds in her first year with the gastric band, and 113 pounds by her 15th month. 

Susan's before and after photo


Susan had bariatric surgery with Dr. Ponce in 2006.  "Other than getting healthy I wanted to be able to get on my horse without my husband boosting me up there, building me a set of steps, or holding the stirrup on the other side so I would not pull my horse over on me," says Susan. "At the time I had the gastric band my boys were junior rodeo competitors, and I wanted to be able to travel and ride with them without them being embarrassed.”

Susan lost 97.5 pounds. “Dr. Ponce is a wonderful man. I love him dearly, he has changed my life so much.  Now I’m able to saddle my own horse, get on, and ride with my boys wherever they want to go!” 

“Dr. Ponce saved my life, my migraines have decreased, my cholesterol is way down, and I don’t feel like I am carrying boulders around on my chest."

"I eat healthier. I haven't had a Pepsi in many years, and I was a die hard Pepsi addict. I recommended the gastric band to all my friends. My best friend had it done. She has grandchildren and is so much healthier and happier after having the gastric band.”

"My best advice to anyone having the gastric band is to keep a photo diary. To see how far you have come on this amazing journey. I hold a special place in my heart for Dr. Ponce! 

Tyler's before and after photo


Tyler had bariatric surgery with us in September 2011, and he lost 153 pounds. Great job Tyler – we’re so proud of your hard work and success.



Carol weighed 225 pounds in April 2013. She had bariatric surgery and worked very hard. A year following surgery Carol weighed 124 pounds! Carol says, “I’m almost half the woman I once was. I feel AMAZING. Thank you, Lord, from the bottom of my heart.” 

Phil's before and after photo


In August 2013, Phil weighed 389 lbs. Friends called him Philly. Exactly six months after his surgery, they now call him SKINNY G! Congratulations Phil on losing 137 pounds in just six months! 

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