Health services to get back to the life you love

Wound healing

For wounds that do not heal within 30 days, our Wound Healing Center, located at CHI Memorial, provides proven treatment plans designed to save lives and limbs. Problem wounds include diabetes-related ulcers, pressure sores, radiation injuries, bone infections and postoperative infections. Medicare and most insurers cover wound healing services.

Treatment and technology

Professional medical staff with specialized wound training offer state-of-the-art topical treatments, adjunctive therapies, noninvasive diagnostic studies, wound debridement, devices for relief of pressure wounds, compression therapy and physical therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Improvements in healing can be substantial with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Patients are surrounded by 100 percent pure oxygen while relaxing inside a pressurized chamber, watching a favorite movie, listening to music or taking a nap. The therapy greatly increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream delivered to bodily tissues and significantly enhances the healing process.