Understanding your risk for developing cancer

Cancer risk and survivorship program

At CHI Memorial’s Cancer Risk and Survivorship Program, we offer cancer risk counseling to help people understand better how their family history of cancer might affect their individual risk of developing cancer. This service is offered through the Rees Skillern Cancer Institute.

Specially trained staff will assist you in finding accurate information about your cancer risk and answer your questions. They will explain how that information relates to you individually and address testing for cancer genes, when appropriate.

Who has increased risk?

Your risk of cancer may be affected if you have two or more of the following situations in your family history.

  • Cancer in two or more first or second - degree relatives
  • Cancer in three or more successive generations of the family
  • Early age of onset of cancer (before the age of 50)
  • Multiple primary tumors in the same individual
  • Cancer in a population not usually expected to be at risk for that specific cancer, such as male breast cancer

A confidential service

CHI Memorial’s cancer risk counseling team provides a complete, personalized cancer risk evaluation in a comfortable, confidential setting. We offer appointments with Catherine A. Marcum, DNP, APN, AGACNP-BC, AGN-BC, an Advanced Practice Nurse with training in Clinical Cancer Genetics through the City of Hope. If a genetic test is ordered, the laboratory will contact you about charges and insurance billing before the test begins.

For more information about CHI Memorial's Cancer Risk and Survivorship Program, call (423) 495-2258.

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (423) 495-2258.

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