Advanced cancer care to heal the whole person

Our approach

The MaryEllen Locher Breast Center approach provides healing for body, mind and spirit.

Our center is unique in its coordinated approach to monitoring for early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Our multidisciplinary team of surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, a dedicated breast imaging radiologist, reconstructive surgeons, pathologists, and clinical staff collaborate to offer sensitive, technologically advanced care that is responsive to your needs.

  • Discovering a breast abnormality is alarming, and you want to know as soon as possible what it is. CHI Memorial’s breast surgeons and specialized staff are committed to providing same day diagnostic imaging, surgical consultation, and biopsy to reduce the typically long journey.
  • Each week the full multidisciplinary team reviews all breast disease cases to ensure the optimal treatment plan is designed especially for each patient.
  • Dedicated nurses with special expertise explain procedures, answer questions, and empower patients with information and guidance every step of the way from diagnosis of a breast concern through recovery. As a partner and advocate, the nurse navigator gives special attention to the various needs of patients and their families.

Women’s clinic – cancer risk counseling

Cancer risk assessment and genetic testing are available when appropriate for individuals with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer. Learn more about genetic testing.

Support services

Chaplains and other professionals are available for individual inpatient and outpatient counseling. Therapist - led support groups provide an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with others who understand the feelings of fear, helplessness, anger, and perhaps even a new appreciation for life.

Breast cancer second opinions

The MaryEllen Locher Breast Center at CHI Memorial offers a Second Opinion Clinic to help women explore all options in order to choose the best care for their breast cancer journey. A physician referral is not necessary to receive a second opinion, and many insurance policies cover a second opinion review.

  • A second opinion involves a review of your imaging and/or biopsy results. Women whose mammogram showed an abnormality can seek a second opinion before a having a biopsy. Others may want help understanding their diagnosis or have questions about treatment options.
  • A multidisciplinary breast care team including breast surgeons, oncologists, a dedicated breast imaging specialist and pathologist will review breast imaging and pathology results to develop a personalized treatment recommendation. The multidisciplinary team will review your case within one week. A nurse navigator will explain the process of the Second Opinion Clinic based on the woman’s concerns and will guide her through obtaining the necessary records for our breast specialists to review. A women’s health nurse practitioner (WHNP) who coordinates the Second Opinion Clinic will review the recommendations with each woman.

For more information about a second opinion for an abnormal mammogram or for treatment options after a breast cancer diagnosis, call (423) 495-6744.