Advanced stroke care to get you back to those you love

Stroke and Neuroscience Center

Stroke is the #1 leading cause of adult disability. CHI Memorial offers award-winning, exceptional care for stroke and other conditions that affect blood vessels and circulation in the brain. When blood vessels in the brain are blocked, malformed or begin to bleed, oxygen is cut off from critical areas of the brain, often leading to a stroke.  

Fortunately, here in Chattanooga we have a world-renowned medical team to combat stroke and its potentially deadly and debilitating effects. CHI Memorial is a Joint Commission Certified Stroke Center, offering fast and highly effective treatments for stroke including clot-busting medications and the most up to date minimally invasive therapies where clots can be mechanically removed from the brains of stroke patients within minutes. 

Our team has been at the forefront of stroke research and innovation for more than 20 years and are considered one of the most experienced teams in the care of stroke patients worldwide. Choosing CHI Memorial guarantees that you or your loved one will receive the very best care that can be delivered anywhere and offers full access to all the latest clinical trials involving clot busting medications with extended treatment windows, “neuro-protectants,” and devices. 

The clinical trial opportunities are a critical part of assuring the best chance for improvement for your loved ones. No other hospital in our region can compete with the clinical experience and leading-edge technology offered 24/7 at the CHI Memorial Stroke & Neuroscience Center.

Dr. Thomas Devlin, CHI Memorial Stroke and Neuroscience Center Medical Director, and members of the stroke team share information about stroke and stroke care available at CHI Memorial.


CHI Memorial’s neuro telemedicine services cover all neurological emergencies – including acute stroke. Minutes matter when someone is experiencing stroke symptoms, making fast connections with a neurovascular specialist is critical in providing life-saving treatment. Learn more

Leading-Edge Neurovascular Services

CHI Memorial Stroke and Neuroscience Center offers comprehensive neurovascular services – including advanced care for stroke and cerebrovascular conditions, aneurysms, brain and spine tumors, movement and memory disorders and other neurologic conditions.  

Using the latest imaging technology and minimally invasive techniques, CHI Memorial offers innovative treatment for complex and often life-threatening health conditions. 

Time is Brain. Fast action is key when suffering a stroke. CHI Memorial offers advanced, forward-thinking stroke care when seconds truly count. As part of our dedicated stroke center certification, our team developed and follows a stroke protocol outlined by the American Stroke Association’s guidelines and recommendations. 

Our motto – time is brain – comes from the fact that a stroke victim loses about 2 million brain cells every minute waiting for blood flow to be restored to the brain. For this very reason, everything we do at the CHI Memorial Stroke & Neuroscience Center is focused on one thing – getting patients treated and reversing stroke symptoms fast. We accomplish this through offering highly experienced teams of clinicians working with the very latest innovative technologies to diagnose and treat stroke. Learn more

CHI Memorial Stroke and Neuroscience Center offers neurointerventional radiology, the minimally invasive approach to treating vascular diseases of the brain and central nervous system – including brain aneurysms, abnormal blood vessels such as arteriovenous malformation, arteriovenous fistula, and stroke. Using catheter based, image guided systems to treat these complicated and often life threatening health conditions, CHI Memorial now offers a much less invasive alternative to open surgery that carries a much lower risk of complications. Learn more

CHI Memorial Stroke and Neuroscience Center’s comprehensive brain tumor program offers advanced treatment for brain and spinal tumors and other spinal pathologies. This includes primary and secondary brain tumors, brain aneurysms, degenerative spine conditions, peripheral nerve conditions, trauma and infections of the brain and spine. Learn more

Research and Innovation

In addition to providing lifesaving care when you’re having a stroke, members of the CHI Memorial Stroke and Neuroscience Center team have earned an international reputation for clinical care and development of key medical breakthroughs in diagnosing and treating stroke. Our team has partnered with innovators from around the world to advance technologies for stroke diagnosis and treatment, including the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to diagnose stroke very rapidly and at low cost. Learn more

Highly Skilled, Highly Trained Stroke & Neuroscience Team

CHI Memorial’s multidisciplinary team of neurologists, neurointerventionists, neurosurgeons, advanced practice providers, therapists and other specialists offer the highest quality of care for people with common and complex blood flow problems of the brain and spinal cord and other challenging neurovascular problems. Our collaborative approach depends on the expertise and experience of specialists who are highly trained in their respective fields.  

As an award-winning provider of stroke services for the Chattanooga region and a recipient of the American Heart Association’s Get with the Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus and Target Stroke Elite Plus Honor Roll awards, CHI Memorial physicians and advanced practice clinical teams work together to provide comprehensive, individualized care that will help our patients recover and achieve the best quality of life possible.