Living Well

Good health is vital to balancing the demands of work, home, school, church and community. You don’t have to make sweeping changes overnight to start becoming a healthier version of yourself. Learning something new and adjusting what you’re already doing can offer immediate rewards and long-term benefits. We hope you find our wellness tips helpful.

  • What is intuitive eating?

    MAY 12, 2021

    For many people, traditional diet techniques have led to frustration and feeling of failure – and some modern ideas of “healthy” seem unappealing or inaccurate. Intuitive eating, the anti-diet eating method, might be the change you’ve been looking for.

  • The Dangers of Vaping

    MAY 05, 2021

    Despite our knowledge on the dangers of smoking, the long-term implications of vaping remain relatively unknown.

  • Don’t Fear the Colonoscopy

    APR 21, 2021

    Making a colonoscopy appointment isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. In fact, an estimated 40 percent of people at risk for colon cancer refuse or never consider screening, despite the effectiveness and simplicity of the 30-minute procedure.

  • Maintaining Strong Relationships in a Pandemic

    APR 14, 2021

    As the world continues into another year of its “new normal,” the challenges presented by COVID-19 weigh on everyone. Even as more and more people are being vaccinated every day, maintaining a balance between social distancing and interaction is difficult.

  • Healthy Heart Habits

    APR 07, 2021

    Your heart works vigorously to regulate blood flow and ensure the body dispels waste, regulates oxygen and carbon dioxide, and provides nutrients vital to the success of all other organs. Heart health is paramount to overall body health.

  • Virtual Fitness is Here to Stay

    MAR 19, 2021

    Whether you’re interested in yoga and Pilates, high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts or live and on-demand fitness classes, benefits to virtual exercise platforms include scheduling flexibility, endless variety, and often a cheaper price point than full-service gyms or personal training.