Living Well

Good health is vital to balancing the demands of work, home, school, church and community. You don’t have to make sweeping changes overnight to start becoming a healthier version of yourself. Learning something new and adjusting what you’re already doing can offer immediate rewards and long-term benefits. We hope you find our wellness tips helpful.

  • Health Tip - Up Your Vitamin D

    FEB 09, 2021

    Vitamin D deficiency is common in the US – particularly in Hispanic and Black people, those who are older, those who have high blood pressure or who have a body mass index higher than 30.

  • Longest walks at airports

    FEB 05, 2021

    As terminals expand and moving walkways disappear, you could be in for a serious hike to your gate.

  • Becoming Wholly Healthy – Caring for Mind, Body, Spirit

    FEB 02, 2021

    Your to-do list keeps growing and your turnaround times are shrinking. When you wake up in the morning (or as you lay awake in bed at night), your mind spins with all you have to do and how little time you have to do it. Head pounding, heart racing, quickened breathing. How will you ever get it all done?

  • Protect Your Gut with Probiotics and Fiber

    JAN 21, 2021

    Whether it’s too much rich food, an unbalanced diet, or even because of necessary medications for other health conditions, our intestinal system can sometimes get out of whack.

  • “Unitasking” for Healthier Eating

    JAN 13, 2021

    Unitasking can help you mindfully enjoy each flavor and bite of your food.

  • 3 Ways Meditation Helps Your Mind

    JAN 01, 2021

    Meditation is about much more than just relaxing. The benefits of this ancient practice are well documented – people who meditate report improved attention, shaper concentration, reduced stress and enhanced self-awareness, to name a few.