Living Well

Good health is vital to balancing the demands of work, home, school, church and community. You don’t have to make sweeping changes overnight to start becoming a healthier version of yourself. Learning something new and adjusting what you’re already doing can offer immediate rewards and long-term benefits. We hope you find our wellness tips helpful.

  • Start a New Tradition

    AUG 05, 2020

    Traditions are important, no matter your age. They give us a sense of identity, strengthen relationships within a family unit or group of friends, and provide structure in a world that’s unpredictable.

  • Help for Bladder Infections

    JUL 20, 2020

    Bladder infections. For some they’re easy to identify, with burning, itching and pain when you go to the bathroom. Others might not realize they have a problem until they see another concerning symptom – blood in their urine.

  • Do the Heavy Lifting

    JUL 13, 2020

    If you’ve ever wondered how you can feel better or look better – or even take better care of your health, here’s one simple solution – hit the weights!

  • Here Comes the Sunscreen

    JUN 12, 2020

    What’s one thing you can do start your day off right? Adding sunscreen to your morning ritual. Even if you’re inside most of the day, the sun’s harmful rays can have a negative impact on your skin.

  • Pre-diabetes: what to know and what to do about it

    MAY 15, 2020

    As many as 88 million Americans – more than 1 in 3 – are living with prediabetes, and more than 80% don’t even know it! Pre-diabetes is a serious medical condition that causes blood sugar levels to be higher than normal, but not yet reaching the level of diabetes.

  • The Value of Vitamin D

    FEB 27, 2020

    Vitamins are all around us. On pharmacy shelves, in grocery store isles, in powdered and pill form – they’re a booming industry. Not everyone needs a multivitamin – as long as you’re in good health and eat a fairly balanced diet.