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If It's Broken, Fix It



Sore joints. Back pain. Muscle tenderness. Aches, pains and injuries come with everyday life. 

It’s easy to think that pain will go away on its own but doing nothing or relying on a “quick fix” could make matters worse. Limping can throw off your body’s natural balance – not only can you aggravate the first injury, you can start to develop pain in other areas.  

When to See a Physician
Young people who experience pain, swelling or bruising or cannot bear weight should see a physician right away. It’s important to make sure they haven’t injured their growth plate, which is the part of the bone that continues expanding throughout adolescence and is a weak link in the bone. For adults, if there’s not an obvious break or deformity, it’s usually ok to wait a few days before visiting a physician. 

Try “PRICE” or protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. If pain and swelling don’t improve, get checked out. Some orthopedic injuries don’t heal properly without medical attention. 

Treating Pain and Injury 
If minor pains turn into major problems, CHI Memorial offers elective treatments for orthopedic pain and injury. Options include knee, hip and shoulder replacement, hand and sports-related surgeries, foot and ankle reconstructions, and minimally invasive spine procedures. Non-surgical options include corticosteroid and platelet-rich plasma injections. 

The good news is that in many cases, advanced measures aren’t needed. Often, all healthy healing requires is medication to help relieve pain along with focused physical therapy or home-based exercises. 

STAY ON YOUR FEET. CHI Memorial offers the area’s leading Orthopedic Center of Excellence, helping you keep moving more comfortably. Visit our orthopedic center to learn more.