Geraldine's Lung Screening Story


This is Geraldine (right) and her supportive daughter, Joan (left). Geraldine’s story is a testament to the importance of regular lung screenings and confronting fear. As a former smoker of many years, she underwent screenings every year. It was in April 2023 that her diligence paid off, when the screening revealed a small mass on her lung, catching the cancer at an early and treatable stage.

The swift action that followed speaks volumes about our hospital and lung screening program. In just three days after the screening, she received the news. Although her breathing test wasn’t strong enough for surgery, our medical team was determined to have her promptly start a form of treatment. “Thankfully, Jeremy Smith and Dr. Rob Headrick helped me through the process. I felt very comfortable with them.”

For those who may be hesitant about undergoing a lung screening, Geraldine has a compelling message. “It’s not painful and takes hardly any time at all. It’s worth saving your life, I’ll tell you that.” Her experience proves the ease and speed that a screening can be completed, compared to the value of early detection in saving lives.

Her courage in facing her fears is admirable. “Sometimes, you’re afraid and want to let fear run your life,” said Geraldine, explaining how she felt when she got the news. “But you’ve got to step in and take charge of yourself and your health.”

Geraldine went through radiation treatment, which she recently completed in July 2023. She proudly exclaimed, “I rang that bell!” Rees Skillern has a bell in the lobby specifically for cancer patients in remission to ring loud and proud, signifying the successful conclusion of treatment and determination to overcome adversity. 

Geraldine’s experience is an example of how early lung screenings can be life-saving. We encourage everyone, especially those who are at higher risk for cancer, to follow in Geraldine’s footsteps. 

Join her and others who have taken this step towards a healthier future. Schedule your lung screening with our lung screening coach. Call (423) 495-5864 (LUNG) to book your appointment today.