Longest walks at airports



As terminals expand and moving walkways disappear, you could be in for a serious hike to your gate. 

A few airports report their longest potential walks are more than a mile – and some are longer. As airports and aircraft get bigger, gates have been spaced further apart. The amount of walking you might do continues to grow as airports build new concourses or extend existing concourses to add additional gates.

At Atlanta Hartsfield, the distance between the international terminal and domestic check-in is 1.67 miles. Check out the top 10 longest walks at U.S. airports. If you’re flying into our out of one these locations, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time – and get a reliable rolling bag!

Atlanta ATL 1.67 miles
Philadelphia  PHL 1.5 miles
Phoenix PHX  1 mile
Detroit  DTW 1 mile
Miami  MIA 1 mile-plus
Minneapolis-St. Paul MSP .87 miles
Denver DEN .64 miles
Houston Bush IAH .61 miles
Seattle-Tacoma SEA .57 miles
Los Angeles LAX .55 miles


Beijing Capital International Airport has the longest distance to travel of any airport in the world!

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