Start a New Tradition



Traditions are important, no matter your age. They give us a sense of identity, strengthen relationships within a family unit or group of friends, and provide structure in a world that’s unpredictable. Traditions bring people together, remind us of happy times and give something to anticipate in the future. What’s more, traditions help us create lasting memories and offer an opportunity to pause and reflect on the passing years.

Although some traditions happen organically, you can strategically institute a few new traditions – to bring a feeling of joy and connectedness to your time with family or friends. Especially with new limitations for gathering as a result of COVID 19 and spending time a home now more than ever, you have chance to get creative in how you stay connected! The tradition itself isn’t important – it’s the consistency and contentment of knowing what to expect that will produce the lasting positive effects. Here’s a few examples to get your creativity flowing:

  • Eat pizza and watch a movie as a family every Friday night or establish ‘Taco Tuesday’ 
  • Read a story together before bed
  • Host a weekly zoom extended family dinner or game night
  • Use a special “happy birthday” plate for a celebratory birthday breakfast
  • Create a secret handshake
  • Send silly messages to friends and family with free apps like Snapchat or Marco Polo
  • Share your highs and lows of the day at dinner time
  • Plan a Memorial Day or Fourth of July bike parade and invite your neighbors
  • Schedule a monthly phone or video call with family who live far away
  • Host a yearly ‘Friendsgiving’ or potluck holiday dinner