Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Cardiopulmonary Rehab is a medically supervised program to help patients with heart disease, pulmonary disease or peripheral vascular disease regain strength, prevent their condition from worsening and reduce the risk of recurrence. Cardiac rehabilitation programs have proven to significantly increase chances of survival.

Cardiac Rehab Phase I
Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation, available at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga and CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson, begins while the patient is still in the hospital and provides a customized program of non-strenuous activities and education. A cardiac rehabilitation nurse or exercise physiologist assesses each patient's risk factors, educational needs and activity level.

Cardiac Rehab Phase II
During this phase, patients meet in an outpatient class setting to gradually increase their activity level under the close supervision of registered nurses and exercise physiologists. Supervision includes heart and blood pressure monitoring. Patients learn more about diet, coping with their condition and other concerns. Phase II services are available at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III
Participants at this level may continue the program they began in phase II or they may enter the program directly with a physician referral. The goal is to reduce cardiovascular or pulmonary risk factors to lessen the risk of heart attack and stroke. Nurses and exercise physiologists help the participant develop an individualized program. Phase III services are available at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga.

Healthy Lung Program
Patients with pulmonary disease can increase their tolerance for exercise and the activities of daily living, improve muscle strength and flexibility, reduce use of home oxygen and achieve an overall improvement in lifestyle through this closely supervised program of exercise and education. The Healthy Lung Program is available at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga. 

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