Hospital Medicine Team

Hospital Medicine Team

Your hospital medicine team of experienced professionals is specially trained to care for hospitalized patients. We are in charge of your care around the clock during your hospital stay.

Our team is skilled at explaining procedures, answering questions and reducing anxiety for patients and their loved ones. Our standard is compassionate, high-quality care for all people.

We Provide Excellent Care Around the Clock
We care for you as we would for our own family.We provide you with excellent care basedon what is important to you. This includes:

Collaborating with other specialists, consultants and caregivers

  • Calling on other consultants and ordering tests needed to diagnose and treat your condition
  • Consulting with the care team to plan your care
  • Monitoring to assure your care is safe, effective and efficient

Communicating with you and your family

  • Listening to you to learn how you are doing and what is important to you
  •  Making things understandable for you and answering your questions

Coordinating your safe discharge and transfer

  • Contacting your primary doctor, surgeon or other specialist for information important to your care
  • Planning for your transfer out of the hospital and for appropriate follow-up care
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