Interventional Services

Interventional Services

CHI Memorial’s Guerry Heart and Vascular Center has the expertise and superior technology to provide advanced interventional procedures for accurate diagnosis of heart disease. Often doctors can restore blood flow to threatened heart tissues without surgery. CHI Memorial has five cardiac catheterization laboratories, two electrophysiology laboratories, and one tilt room for specialized cardiac testing and interventional procedures.

A pacemaker is a small device that is used to treat heart rhythms that are too slow, too fast or irregular. These arrhythmias can cause dizziness, fatigue or fainting. Pacemakers are inserted under the skin of your chest. Wires connected to the heart send electrical pulses to prompt the heart to beat at a normal rate. Pacemaker insertion is available at CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga and CHI Memorial Hospital Hixson.

Arteriogram or Heart Catheterization
Arteriograms provide a road map of arteries to determine and pinpoint the location of abnormalities or blockages in the blood flow. A catheter is threaded through a blood vessel into the heart, dye is injected into the catheter, and the doctor can see the blood flowing through the vessels and determine the best possible treatment. Heart catheterization is available at CHI Memorial.

Click here to view a virtual tour of one of our catherterization labs. 

Cardiac Stents
Angioplasty and stenting are minimally invasive procedures performed to open clogged arteries and improve blood flow. Angioplasty involves inserting a balloon-tipped catheter in the blocked area and expanding it to stretch the artery walls, allowing blood to flow. A stent, or small wire-mesh tube, may be permanently placed in the newly opened artery to help it remain open. Drug-eluting stents may be used to further reduce restenosis. Stenting is available at CHI Memorial. 

Electrophysiology (EP) Study
These studies are used to evaluate abnormal or irregular heart rhythms. Your cardiologist may request an EP study if you have dizziness, fainting, heart fluttering sensations or lightheadedness. Catheters are advanced through the vessels to the heart to locate the tissue that is causing the irregular rhythm and remove it. Electrophysiology studies are available at CHI Memorial.

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