Novalis Tx™

Novalis Tx™

Novalis Tx™ is one of the most precise noninvasive treatments available for cancerous and non-cancerous conditions of the entire body. It combines the latest advances with the ability to provide conventional radiation therapy and features advanced technologies that deliver highly precise treatment while protecting the surrounding healthy tissue. Novalis Tx offers one of the fastest treatment session times available - minutes, not hours - giving new hope to patients with difficult to treat tumors.

Novalis Tx incorporates a powerful linear accelerator, which rotates around the patient to deliver treatment beams anywhere in the body from virtually any angle. Sophisticated image guidance and motion management tools provide clinicians with detailed information about the shape, size and position of the target lesion, guide patient setup and positioning, and monitor motion during treatment. This amazing technology actually shapes the radiation beam to the precise contours of the tumor, ensuring that the best possible treatment dose is delivered. Now tumors throughout the body — even those difficult to reach — can be treated effectively and non-surgically with Novalis Tx at CHI Memorial.

The following conditions can be treated with Novalis Tx: 

  • Liver tumors/metastases
  • Lung tumors/metastases
  • Prostate cancer/metastases
  • Spine tumors/metastases 

For more information about Novalis Tx, please call our certified oncology nurse at (423) 495-8988. 

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