Recovering from Stroke

Because stroke affects the brain, no two stroke survivors will experience exactly the same injuries or disabilities. Some survivors may recover fully while others will have slight, moderate or severe disabilities. During the first 30 days, rapid recovery is possible depending on the location and severity of the stroke.

Effects of stroke can include:

  • Paralysis or weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Communication difficulties
  • Emotional volatility
  • Depression

When does stroke rehabilitation begin?

The sooner, the better once your medical condition is stable. Rehabilitation often begins within 1 to 2 days after your stroke while you’re still in the hospital. If medical issues continue, doctors may wait to begin rehabilitation.

How long does stroke rehabilitation last?

Some stroke survivors recover quickly and regain a significant amount of lost abilities. However, most people will require some form of stroke rehabilitation long term, possibly months or years after their stroke.

Your recovery will evolve as you relearn skills and your needs change. With ongoing practice, you can continue to make gains over time.

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