Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions

Effective Workforce Wellness Strategies – Powered by CHI Memorial Workplace Health

We know that health is a performance driver – for employers and employees. Our Workplace Health program offers best practices and effective strategies that will make a difference for your employees and the health of your business. Program components include:

Confidential Screening Tools
Surveys, coupled with biometric screenings, provide employees with information about their individual health risks. CHI Memorial Workplace Health coordinates on-site health screenings to gather the most accurate and up-to-date clinical information. We use this information to identify modifiable lifestyle behaviors and controllable health risks. Our goal is to provide employees with the necessary information needed to achieve better health.

Each participating employee receives a personal health report, along with information on how to improve personal risk factors. Employers receive a “health snapshot” which allows you to understand the health status of your workforce. It outlines specific health risks you can address with appropriate interventions – before they generate significant claims. Over time, these targeted initiatives can have a significant impact on the health of your workforce.

Education and Support
CHI Memorial offers health coaching and materials to educate employees about important health issues. These educational materials can be provided electronically for email distribution, posted to your organization’s intranet, or printed and posted at various sites.

Personalized Assessment Services
To ensure the best possible outcome, a CHI Memorial Workplace Health specialist can provide an assessment of your company’s specific risks based on screening results and help design and implement health improvement programs like lunch-and-learn seminars, one-on-one health coaching, and employee outreach.

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