With You

With You

What if you could help a nursing student pursue their dreams? Or give a breast cancer patient the latest treatment options? Through the help of volunteers and donors, we’re able to consistently give these opportunities back to the community and provide the best level of care—but it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Everyone can play a role in making the services that CHI Memorial provides better. Every donation makes a difference and the stories below, from donors and patients, prove that you don’t need much to change someone’s life.

Meet the patients, donors and volunteers inspired to share how CHI Memorial’s Foundation makes a difference:

Meet Rob: 
Rob has been engaged with CHI Memorial since volunteering there as a student. As a young attorney, he’s now able to build upon years of volunteering and make a difference as co-chair of the Friends of Memorial Council. “I’ve seen nursing students pursue their dreams that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without scholarships through the Foundation. Recently, we established a cancer survivorship center where people and their families can go after they finish treatment and have an individual plan for living life after cancer. These are just two of the many reasons I give to CHI Memorial.”

Meet Penny: 
As a breast cancer survivor treated at CHI Memorial nearly 10 years ago, Penny’s experience as a patient at CHI Memorial is what inspired her to become a donor. Now she serves on the Friends of Memorial Council alongside Rob, to provide grassroots assistance to members throughout the community. “Ensuring these resources are there for other women facing the same diagnosis I did is important to me and that’s why I became a donor.”

Meet Bill: 
With the exceptional team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons at CHI Memorial, Bill’s heart valve was repaired with a faster recovery at 84 years old through a minimally-invasive trans catheter aortic valve replacement procedure or TAVR. CHI Memorial is the only hospital in Chattanooga selected to offer TAVR, which meant Bill did not have to travel and be away from those who needed him most. With it, he can now resume his role as deacon at his church in Ringgold, Georgia and serve as caretaker of his wife and youngest daughter.

Meet Joanie & Tony: 
With a family history of breast cancer, Joanie, a professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga saw the CHI Memorial difference firsthand through the MaryEllen Locher Breast Center. Now she and her husband give to the hospital to ensure this level of care will be there for years to come. "You can't ask someone to do what you aren't willing to do yourself. That is just one of the many reasons why we give to CHI Memorial."

Meet Ashley: 
After recently losing her husband to lung cancer, Ashley and her two children have carried on his legacy through “Supperman Club.” Joined by a group of friends, Ashley volunteers weekly by making and delivering lunch to hospital staff, patients and their families, bringing joy to people awaiting treatment and the hospital staff she has come to know and love.

Meet Sherry Lynn: 
Sherry Lynn was just 35 years old when her breast cancer was diagnosed after a CHI Memorial mobile mammography coach visited her workplace in Dalton, Georgia. Now a graduate of the MaryEllen Locher Breast Center, Sherry Lynn looks forward to giving back to the hospital by donating headscarves to help other women through the beginning stages of treatment. Having the MaryEllen Locher Breast Center near meant everything to Sherry Lynn so she could receive the most advanced care and remain close to home.

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To learn more about the CHI Memorial Foundation, or to make a gift, please call (423) 495-4438 or email us directly at foundation@memorial.org.


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