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Prashanth Sekhar, MD

Prashanth Sekhar, MD


Prashanth Sekhar, MD, earned his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, West Indies.  He completed an internal medicine internship and residency at Georgia Regents University in Augusta, Georgia.  He continued his medical training by completing a fellowship in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, also from Georgia Regents University.  Dr. Sekhar is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine – Endocrinology and Metabolism and is a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American Thyroid Association.  Dr. Sekhar has more than 10 years’ experience helping individuals with hormone-related conditions and diseases.  

One of the motivating factors for Dr. Sekhar to choose medicine as a career was to follow in his father’s footsteps.  His father was a gastroenterologist, and Dr. Sekhar saw the joy, happiness, and pride he took in taking care of his patients and helping others.  

“I started out wanting to be a cardiologist, but my first attending was an endocrinologist who took the time to really invest in me and educate me on the nuances of the specialty.  He had several interesting cases and asked me to do a rotation with him.  That’s when I fell in love with the specialty and decided it was my path,” Dr. Sekhar says.  “I’ve always enjoyed helping patients maintain their health and working closely with surgeons and other specialists to ensure the highest quality care.”

In addition to complex diabetes management, Dr. Sekhar provides care for a range of endocrine issues such as hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, pituitary tumors, and diabetes.

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