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Unitasking for Healthier Eating

January 12, 2021 Posted in: Nutrition

Unitasking, doing one thing at a time,  can help you avoid overeating. The key is to enjoy each flavor and bite. To start, consider the color, size, shape and texture of your food. Thinking about the food helps you appreciate what you’re eating and what you need to feel satisfied. Pause between bites to give your stomach the chance to catch up with your brain, which releases the chemicals that signal fullness and satiety. After a few bites (or if you find yourself standing at the pantry looking for a snack), it’s time to HALT and ask yourself these questions:

H – Am I physically hungry?

A – Am I anxious or stressed?

L – Am I lonely or depressed?

T – Am I tired or bored? 

If you answer is yes, you may not be hungry – but instead have some other need that food won’t fix. Stopping to consider what you eat helps you to choose what you really enjoy, engage your senses, and eat enough to feel satisfied.

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