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Lori's Lung Screening Story

September 19, 2023 Posted in: Cancer Care
Lori Reid and family

Lori Reid with family.

Lori, her daughter, and a group of friends participated in CHI Memorial Foundation’s River City Ribbon Run in April 2023 to honor a friend who had recently passed away from a tumor that had been left undetected until a month prior to his passing. This event sparked a life-changing decision for Lori. Inspired by her friend’s untimely death and her daughter urging Lori to take charge of her health, she decided to undergo a lung screening on our Lung Screening Coach on the day of the run. 

Since the coach was parked at the event, this proved to be quick, easy and convenient for Lori. She was also qualified for the screening, which further motivated her to take this important step. Lori was impressed that she was done with the process in only 15 minutes.

When Matthew Worley, nurse practitioner with CHI Memorial Chest and Lung Cancer Center, called her with the abnormal results two days later, he didn’t stop supporting her there. Instead, Matt was truly invested in her journey. “Matt walked me through so much throughout the process,” said Lori. “He made sure I was set up with doctors and wanted to make sure I was taken care of. He was just incredible.” 

Following the discovery of her T3 kidney cancer mass, she was able to have surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Mullins, urologist with CHI Memorial Urology Associates, who removed the mass. Dr. Mullins noted that kidney cancer often does not show symptoms or signs until a person is too far along. He said that had she not pursued the screening, doctors may not have caught the cancer in time due to the lack of symptoms and signs. Because of her decision to get her lung screening, she is now in remission.

For Lori, being a long-time smoker was another reason to undergo the lung screening. She realized the importance of catching potential health issues early. Knowing that her friend passed away suddenly from a tumor and now her own experience, she realizes how quickly health issues can arise and how deadly they can be if not caught early. 

“When you’re close to someone who passed away so suddenly from a tumor, it makes you realize how quickly cancer can sneak up on you,” said Lori. “It can happen to anyone, and that is scary.” Lori’s story emphasizes that regular screenings compliment annual physicals, helping with early detection and timely intervention.

Lori’s message to others is clear - Lung screenings are a simple and quick process that can change the course of their life. The 15 minutes it takes to get screened and a few follow up phone calls can lead to early detection and potentially life-saving treatment. Lori’s daughter’s persistence to have her mother screened turned out to be a pivotal moment, a moment that Lori credits with saving her life. Now, Lori advocates for regular health screenings and encourages everyone she knows to prioritize their health and get screened.

The lung screening coach offers a convenient and efficient way to take charge of one’s well being, ensuring that potential health issues are caught early and medical care is provided. Remember, it only takes a few minutes to change the course of your life. Don’t wait or hold it off… Get screened today! Call (423) 495-5864 (LUNG) to book your appointment. Visit to learn more.

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