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Act NOW to Keep CHI Memorial in Network with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) is considering removing CHI Memorial from all their networks, including commercial Networks S and P, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid.

BCBST has indicated they will decide by the end of April if CHI Memorial will remain in Network S.

If we are removed from Network S, members would no longer be able to access the critical, life-saving services they know and trust from CHI Memorial physicians and hospitals at in-network rates.

We have submitted several competitive proposals to remain in BCBST's networks. Our proposals reinforce with BCBST that CHI Memorial’s value lies in our high-quality, cost-efficient care, provided by more than 348 integrated physicians with the most convenient access points. CHI Memorial hospitals, CHI Memorial Medical Group and The Chattanooga Heart Institute act as one integrated health system standing united to serve our patients. And we do it all closer to home for the patients we serve.

YOUR VOICE MATTERS: Contact BCBST Leadership TODAY and urge them to keep CHI Memorial physicians and hospitals in Network S.

Commercial: 1-800-565-9140
Medicare Advantage: 1-800-831-2583
Email: [email protected]

In the meantime, you should keep all scheduled appointments and procedures with CHI Memorial and not delay routine health screenings, procedures, or tests that are important to your health. Regardless of what BCBST decides, our contract remains in place through June 30, 2024. It’s vital to continue accessing the care you need and deserve.

Learn more about the value CHI Memorial provides to the community

We’re requesting reasonable increases. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) reimbursement has not kept up with inflation, so we are only asking BCBST to pay its fair share of rising health care costs as other insurance companies have already done.

Without a reasonable increase, CHI Memorial could be forced to reduce or eliminate services, like 57% of hospitals have been forced to do.


During the pandemic, BCBST earned record profits and increased cash reserves to $4.1 billion. These funds can be used to pay CHI Memorial a fair increase without raising premiums or shifting more costs to employers and patients.

It’s time for BCBST to help the 50% of Tennessee hospitals - like CHI Memorial - who are struggling as a result of the pandemic. Our costs alone have increased 30% since the start of the pandemic, while BCBST enjoyed record profits.

No. One important way we keep health care costs low is by working together across our system to coordinate care. Care coordination from physician office to hospital and home delivers high quality outcomes and lowers total cost of care.

CHI Memorial hospitals, CHI Memorial Medical Group and the The Chattanooga Heart Institute are one integrated health system standing united to serve our patients.

  • Recognized as high-value health system by numerous national organizations and by BCBST
  • Offers the largest network of physicians, specialists and advanced practice providers with convenient access
  • CHI Memorial hospitals, CHI Memorial Medical Group and the Heart Institute serve as one integrated health system delivering high-quality outcomes and lower total cost of care
  • Invests in unique clinical innovations and latest treatments, ensuring local access to high-caliber care
  • Only faith-based health system serving region for over 70 years, providing $100m+ in community benefits and uncompensated care last year
  • Removal from BCBST health plans jeopardizes long-standing patient-provider relationships, compromises care, and escalates health plan costs

Certain insurance companies are increasingly imposing unnecessary barriers to care that have a human cost:

  • improper use of utilization management programs, 
  • inappropriate denial of medically necessary covered services, 
  • overly restrictive medical necessity criteria that are not transparent to patients or providers, 
  • unnecessary and unreasonable documentation requirements,
  • mid-contract changes to patients’ coverage

Government agencies, courts and arbitrators, are concerned that these practices are being used by some insurers as “a strategy…to avoid legitimate payment obligations.”

They also drive up administrative costs, contribute to clinician burnout, and strain the healthcare system. These practices not only harm enrollees but also jeopardize providers' financial stability, with hospitals reporting over $6 billion in delayed or potentially unpaid claims.

Last year alone, BCBST denied more than $3 million in payment to CHI Memorial for services provided to patients for necessary medical care.

Over the last several months, CHI Memorial has been working in good faith with BCBST to remain in their network for all products, including Medicare Advantage and all commercial plans. We have every intention of reaching a fair agreement before our contract expires on June 30, and we hope BCBST shares our goal of preserving patient access. CHI Memorial remains committed to negotiating in good faith to reach an agreement that puts patient needs first and enables residents in Tennessee and Georgia to continue accessing the care they know and trust.