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Neurology and Stroke Care

Neurology & Stroke Care

Call for more information: (423) 206-4140.

At CHI Memorial Neuroscience Institute, we care for patients with the full spectrum of neurologic conditions. Our hospital-based fellowship-trained neurology specialists are highly experienced in caring for patients with all types of serious brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve injuries. From stroke and Guillain-Barré  syndrome to myasthenia gravis, seizures and other brain conditions, our hospital has the most advanced technology, including a dedicated neuroscience intensive care unit (NSICU), to give your loved ones the very best chance of an excellent neurologic recovery.

Stroke care

Stroke is the #1 leading cause of adult disability throughout the US and the world. When blood vessels in the brain are blocked, malformed or begin to bleed, oxygen is cut off from critical areas of the brain, often leading to a stroke. 

Fortunately, here at the CHI Memorial Neuroscience Institute we have an internationally renowned medical team to combat stroke and its potentially deadly and debilitating effects. CHI Memorial has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Heart-Check mark for Thrombectomy-Capable Stroke Centers. 

Research & innovation

In addition to providing lifesaving care when you’re having a stroke, members of the CHI Memorial Neuroscience Institute team have earned an international reputation for clinical care and development of key medical breakthroughs in diagnosing and treating stroke. Led by Thomas Devlin, MD, PhD, FSVIN, physician executive for neurosciences at CHI Memorial, the team has partnered with the best biotechnology companies from around the world to advance technologies for stroke diagnosis and treatment. These have included the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to diagnose stroke very rapidly and at low cost and the development of improved clot busting medication and stem cell neuroprotectant therapies to allow more patients to be treated and assure the best possible outcomes for our patients. 

For more information about neurology and stroke treatment care at CHI Memorial Neuroscience Institute, call (423) 206-4140.

Get with the guidelines

The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association recognized CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga and Hospital Hixson with the 2023 Get With The Guidelines® - Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award for its commitment to ensuring stroke patients receive the most appropriate treatment according to nationally recognized, research-based guidelines, ultimately leading to more lives saved and reduced disability.

The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and the American Stroke Association’s Heart-Check mark for Thrombectomy Capable Certification embelm

Thrombectomy capable certification

CHI Memorial earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and the American Stroke Association’s Heart-Check mark for Thrombectomy Capable Certification.