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Breast Health Education

"Mel's Club'' is a breast health education program for teens and college-aged women. The program equips and educates students in three key areas:

  • myths and misconceptions regarding breast cancer
  • facts, warning signs and prevention
  • tools and training in how to do a breast self-exam

About Mel

"Mel'' was MaryEllen Locher's nickname, and she conceived of the program and name herself. She passed away before she could implement the idea, but the program is the fulfillment of her dream and an expansion of our mission to help students.

Mel's Club uses a curriculum developed by the Prevent Cancer Foundation in cooperation with the Howard University Cancer Center. A breast cancer survivor shares her personal story during the presentation. The program is available for high school and college-aged young women in schools, church youth groups, or civic and community agencies.

While breast cancer statistically impacts older women at a higher rate, younger women are affected as well. Each year, approximately 70,000 women and men between the ages of 15 and 39 are diagnosed with breast cancer, the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) reports. Women ages 15 to 34 die more frequently from breast cancer than any other cancer.

To schedule a presentation, email [email protected]

MaryEllen Locher