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Lung Cancer

The Buz Standefer Lung Center at CHI Memorial is this region’s best and only comprehensive lung center, offering the most advanced detection capabilities, interventional procedures and surgical treatments for lung cancer.

Lung cancer care is extremely complex because most patients need surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – or a combination of all three – to provide lifesaving treatment. And when it comes to lung cancer, coordinated care can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why CHI Memorial’s Buz Standefer Lung Center brings together a team of experts including interventional pulmonologists, radiologists, dedicated lung pathologists, thoracic (lung) surgeons, and medical and radiation oncologists to attack the cancer from every side. Our comprehensive, multidiciplinary approach includes weekly cancer conferences where related specialists participate in a comprehensive review of patient cases, a thorough exchange of ideas, and in-depth discussion of treatment options.

Support at every step

At CHI Memorial Rees Skillern Cancer Institute, anyone diagnosed with cancer has access to a nurse navigator, a designated point of contact who can educate you on the disease process, answer questions, help you prepare physically and emotionally for treatment, provide resources and connect you with other modes of support throughout this journey.  These include access to dietitians, clinical social workers, massage therapists, and chaplains who focus on spiritual care and advance care planning. Visit CHI Memorial Center for Cancer Support or call (423) 495-7778 for more information.