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Cancer Rehabilitation

Help before, during and after cancer treatment

Fighting cancer can take a physical toll on the body. Cancer-related deconditioning is a serious complication for many people undergoing rigorous cancer treatments. That’s why CHI Memorial’s cancer rehabilitation services are available to help you prepare for treatment, manage side effects, and improve quality of life before, during and after cancer.


Pre-habilitation begins before your initial cancer treatment. Expected outcomes include:

  • improved pulmonary functioning
  • decreased postoperative complications
  • decreased length of stay
  • improved functional ability
  • increased tolerance to other cancer treatments

What to expect

A Doctor of Physical Therapy with additional training in cancer rehabilitation will perform a baseline screening and evaluation. Standardized tests are used to determine physical performance ability. Physical therapy sessions are scheduled two times weekly for 8 to 10 visits.


Rehabilitation: support at every stage

Cancer rehabilitation is a specialized service designed to help you with deficits during any stage of your journey, both during active treatment and throughout survivorship. Common conditions that can be helped with cancer rehab are:

  • decreased strength, endurance and mobility
  • pain, fatigue and joint stiffness
  • balance and postural changes

What to expect

A Doctor of Physical Therapy with additional training in cancer rehabilitation will perform an assessment using standardized tests and design a treatment plan customized to address any physical deficits and your areas of concern. Frequency is determined on an individualized basis.


Lymphedema therapy

Some cancer survivors experience lymphedema, which is localized swelling in an area of the body due to an accumulation of fluid. Treatment focuses on reducing the swelling and preventing complications.

What to expect

A Doctor of Physical Therapy with additional training as a certified lymphedema therapist will provide Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), a noninvasive treatment. CDT includes manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, exercise and skin care.

For more information, call (423) 495-7897 for services at CHI Memorial Center for Cancer Support and (423) 495-5897 for services at CHI Memorial Ooltewah.

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