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CHI Memorial Chest & Lung Cancer Center

Accepting New Patients

2108 East Third Street, Suite 300, Chattanooga, TN 37404

Call (423) 495-5864 to schedule an appointment. 

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


CHI Memorial Chest and Lung Cancer Center provides minimally invasive and traditional surgical treatment options for cancers of the chest, esophagus and lungs. 

Lung cancer is a complex disease that requires many approaches to treat it effectively, and that often includes surgery. But minimally invasive techniques and advanced technologies available only at CHI Memorial Chest and Lung Cancer Center are changing the way people think about surgery – and lung cancer care. 

In the past, fear of lung cancer surgery was sometimes greater than the fear of cancer itself. Minimally invasive techniques, specialized scopes and robotic surgery using the daVinci® robotic surgical system are innovative tools surgeons use to minimize pain and maximize effectiveness. These advances are offering surgeons new ways to protect patients and their immune systems while finding the most effective way for the cancer to be attacked. Other improvements in anesthesia medications and enhanced recovery techniques are making recovery faster and easier than ever before.  

CHI Memorial Chest and Lung Cancer Center is rated in the top six percent of the country for lobectomy for lung cancer and in the top eight percent for esophagectomy surgeries. These distinguished ratings by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) place the practice among the elite for general thoracic surgery in the United States and Canada. 

Dr. Rob Headrick is the only thoracic surgeon in our area that performs surgical resections in addition to robotic-assisted navigational bronchoscopy with biopsy. These biopsies are used to determine whether an abnormality in the lung is cancer, infection, or inflammatory. In a cancer diagnosis, accurate nodal staging is of utmost importance for further treatment.

CHI Memorial Chest and Lung Cancer Center provides advanced treatment for the following cancers: 

  • Lung cancer
  • Carcinoid tumors
  • Chest wall tumors
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Mediastinal cancer 
  • Mesothelioma
  • Metastatic tumors to the lungs
  • Sarcomas
  • Thymic tumors

To schedule an appointment, call (423) 495-5864 (LUNG). 

Our physician & providers

Dr. Rob Headrick

J. Rob Headrick, MD

Thoracic Surgeon

Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith, ACNP

Nurse Practitioner

Marlana Spiva

Marlana Spiva, RN

Registered Nurse

Matthew Worley

Matthew Worley, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Second Opinion Clinic

If you’ve been told it’s lung cancer, the thought of living with this disease and going through treatment can be overwhelming. Some might even feel like giving up hope. But at CHI Memorial, you have options in this fight.  For the last 50 years, little improvement was made in how lung cancer was treated – but that’s changing. Breakthroughs in drug therapies, radiation and surgical techniques are helping people live longer and better lives than we ever thought possible. 

At CHI Memorial, our team of lung cancer experts are on your side in the fight against cancer, and use the latest staging, diagnostic and interventional technologies, advanced radiation and chemotherapy, and cutting-edge surgical techniques available in the region. 

Unless you’re receiving care from a team who is focused only on treating lung cancer, you may be missing out on the latest approaches to beating this disease. If you’ve received a diagnosis you don’t understand, we want to talk with you. We want to help.  

Please call (423) 495-5864 (LUNG) if you have any questions. 

CHI Memorial's Breathe Easy Mobile CT Lung Screening Coach

Early Detection Saves Lives

CHI Memorial’s Breathe Easy mobile lung CT coach allows us to take low-dose CT lung screening out into our communities and reach people who may not have access or the opportunity to get this scan otherwise. Learn more

Online check in

Did you know that our practice allows you to check in online ahead of time? You can confirm your appointment via text message or email, and check in online prior to your visit. You can also check in on your own device when you arrive. Ask us about using mobile registration to make your next visit simpler and faster!

We are partnering with Phreesia to help you save time registering for your appointment. Use mobile check-in to register from any smartphone, tablet or computer from the privacy of your own home. Checking in on your device saves you time and ensures your information is always up to date!

Patient portal

We care about our patients. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the best experience possible when interacting with our practice. We understand that it is not always possible to visit the clinic, leave message, wait on the phone, or update your personal health information. By offering online access to your health information, we look forward to simplifying your healthcare experience.