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CHI Memorial Regional Sleep Center - Hixson

CHI Memorial Regional Sleep Center is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders. Sleep specialists can help get to the bottom of your problem through a sleep study, or testing used to diagnose sleep disorders. 

Sleep study

A typical sleep study involves more than 800 pages of data of various kinds. The information is interpreted by a sleep specialist with special knowledge of sleep and its disorders. Patients who have had a sleep study will have a follow-up visit one or two weeks after the study at CHI Memorial Sleep Specialists. A specialist will review and interpret your record to you to help you understand your specific sleep patterns. The results will also be shared with your physician. If evidence of a sleep disorder is found, treatment recommendations will be made, but additional procedures are occasionally needed to establish a diagnosis or evaluate a treatment.

Call (423) 495-7378 (REST) to schedule an appointment with CHI Memorial Sleep Specialists.

CHI Memorial Regional Sleep Center - Hixson